Courtney Knight

Director / Chief Financial Officer

Core Project Group has developed robust business functions to support and enhance project delivery, including meeting and exceeding WH&S, IMS, financial and legal obligations. Operational project Having working in the construction and development section for over a decade, Courtney brings a wealth of industry specific commercial, legal, financial and analytical experience. His capabilities are underpinned by a strong interpersonal skillset, which have resulted in collaborative and sustainable stakeholder relationships. Courtney has a hands-on approach to ensure continuity between project delivery and commercial business functions.

In collaboration with the project delivery team, Courtney utilises financial feasibility and assessment techniques to assist in ensuring client and project commercial outcomes are achieved.

Under Courtney’s oversight, management, forecasting, procurement, systems and methodologies have been implemented to ensure a streamlined access and flow of information to all key stakeholders in a timely manner.